My first “what the f do I do” mommy moment was born from my Lamaze class. My instructor was over energetically carrying on about breastfeeding and switching from breast to bottle when she halted to interject a little ditty about the dangers of plastic bottles.

The novice that I was immediately mused, “What the hell? Aren’t all bottles plastic?!” Nope. Apparently there are glass bottles and according to super peppy Lamaze lady, I might as well serve junior a little arsenic with his freshly pumped breast milk if I choose not to use them and opt for a plastic bottle.

After she made me feel like I would be the parental equivalent of an over medicated Britney Spears if the nipple of a plastic bottle touched my son’s lips, she stated, “But if plastic is what you choose, do what you wish.” Crap.

“We have to get glass bottles. We must get glass bottles,” I remember whispering to my husband.

We didn’t get glass bottles.

I spoke to my mother, who is a pediatric nurse and asked her opinion. Apparently the woman who spent 18 plus years of my life telling me what to do has suddenly become mum and un-opinionated. “Well … nothing is conclusive. Do what you think you should. You drank out of plastics, so did your brother and sister. You’re fine. There are some studies, but you know … I’m not going to tell you how to mother your child.”

For years she’d tell me I was drinking too much and cut me off at weddings, she’d tell me my current love interest was a creep, and she’d tell me what I should be doing with my money, but she can’t tell me what to do when it comes to something important?! Who cares if I had become a drunk who fell for sinister heart breakers and had a non-existent life savings? I’d rather be a poor, lonely lush than a mom who sucks.

After performing a Google search and reading a few different articles addressing the glass v. plastic debate, I felt mildly more informed and very confused. Plastic equals death according to Lamaze lady, but some other lady just said that there were issues with plastics if you over-heated the bottle; I only planned to heat to room temperature with a bowl of warm water. Glass equals greater expense and dangers of chipping, cracking, and breaking according to someone else.

Thinking that since I myself had braved the big bad world of plastics and survived, I added plastic bottles to my baby registry. In a valiant attempt at being a good mom, I made a very conscious plastic bottle choice. I figured everything I’d recently heard about product recalls had something to do with China, so I specifically chose bottles that were manufactured in Europe. Thoughtful? Or just a half-assed attempt at proper motherhood?

Think what you will, but my child occasionally sips from a plastic bottle. At this point I can only hope that my decision isn’t a faulty one and that he appreciates drinking from European plastic. How chic.