This weekend when Brody, Chris, and I were in Rehoboth Beach, a woman approached us to tell us our {ahem} “daughter” dropped “her” pacifier. Meanwhile, my son was sporting a blue and orange onesie with an airplane, wearing blue sunglasses, and the pacifier he dropped was also blue. (see above) This wasn’t the first time someone has referred to him as my daughter either. Perhaps it’s his full head of hair? Or maybe his blue eyes? Either way, he’s never dressed like a girl.
I don’t know why it bothers me when people mistake the genders of babies, namely my baby. It is sometimes difficult to determine the sex of an infant, especially when they’re very young, but why go assuming?

Because gender snafus are clearly inevitable, I’m a huge fan of this onesie from Baby Snazz

P.S. I will soon be starting the coalition for Mothers of Pretty Blue Eyed Boys Who Are Tired of Gender Confusion … (MOPBEBWATOGC) Although, I think I should rethink the name…