What’s the beef with pacifiers?  I never realized there was such an anti-pacifier movement until I had my son.  Perhaps there’s some “League of Mothers Whose Babies Were Perfect Enough to Not Need Pacifiers” that I wasn’t aware of.    The fact that people would scoff at an infant with a pacifier astounds me.  He’s 6 months old, not 16. 

After anti-pacifier comment #582 and a Google search that revealed that there really are paci-haters, I called my mother.  “Someone said that pacifiers are terrible.  And I shouldn’t be a pacifier user because I’m a breast feeder.  And the internet says the baby will probably have funky, Billy Bob teeth.” 

Seriously, who aids in the malformation of their child’s teeth!?  Apparently I am … Crap.   I hope the anti-pacifier people spend a lifetime trying to pry a thumb out of their children’s mouths. 

The fact (according to my all-knowing, ever-fabulous mother) is that it’s ok if your baby sucks on a pacifier.  Infants have a natural urge to suck and it is soothing.  If you choose to use a pacifier, rock on.  Please ignore all haters.  And consequently, if you choose not to use a pacifier, that’s absolutely fabulous too.  

No mom should be made to feel bad because they choose (or choose not) to use a pacifier.  Though, if you’re sending your kid off to college with one, feel bad.  Feel very bad.  You will most certainly spend a fortune on therapy sessions.  Invest now.