I’ve been a fan of Jon and Kate Plus 8 since their first season.  I’m a reality tv junkie and lover of all things baby, so I became a fast fan of the show.  Other than the fact that I liked it, I didn’t really have any opinions of the show or the Gosselin family. 

And then I ruined it. 

One day I happened to stumble upon a blog that was super critical of Jon and Kate Gosselin, Kate in particular.  Readers of the blog had a million and one comments regarding the show.  I never realized that Kate was such a controversial individual.  She’s too mean to Jon, she doesn’t do enough with her kids, she’s neurotic, she’s money hungry, she doesn’t have a relationship with her parents, she’s ungrateful, she’s annoying, she shut Aunt Jodi out of the lives of her children, etc. 

A quick Google search informed me that there is a whole slew of Kate haters all over the web.  On occasion her fans will stick up for her, but the fans seem to be greatly outnumbered by those who criticize her. 

This week while watching a recent episode, I became extremely annoyed.  I couldn’t just see Kate Gosselin as a regular mom of 8 (super cute) kids.  All I saw were the less than desirable qualities that others see in her and so vehemently blog about.  It’s no longer mindless television.  Crap. 

I wonder if Kate Gosselin really is deserving of all the criticism or if she’s just an unlucky victim of the blogosphere?  Either way my Jon and Kate Plus 8 experience is now totally unenjoyable.  Thanks a lot blogosphere. 

P.S.  Where the heck is Aunt Jodi?  Perhaps the rumors flying around the blogosphere and this blog (allegedly written by her sister) are true … So scandalous.


Apparently I ruffled some feathers when bringing up the circumcision debate.  There’s nothing like coming home after a stressful day, checking your email, and then feeling like the worst mom ever because people think you’re a reckless, menacing weenie chopper.

I am a weenie chopper.  I felt bad about being a weenie chopper, but my son’s weenie has been chopped.   It’s a done deal.

I do appreciate individual opinions, so keep them coming.  However, please know that I never claimed to be perfect.  I’m 50% perfect, remember?  And moms everywhere, weenie chopper and non-weenie chopper alike, shouldn’t be made to feel bad about their decision.

“Bye, honey. Mommy will miss you…” I spoke to my two-day old son as if I was sending him off to some place fun, like camp. Instead I was sending him off to be circumcised.

My husband and I had made the decision to circumcise him long before he was born. We honestly didn’t discuss it too much. In fact, I’m not even sure there was a discussion.  We just assumed that it would be done.

Throughout my pregnancy I’d read a bit about the circumcision debate in online pregnancy forums as proponents and opponents of the procedure would argue their case. Despite what was said I was never swayed to the opposing side. It wasn’t until my son was born that I had doubts. He was so sweet, so perfect, and so fragile. What kind of mother would allow someone to go hacking away at two-day-old manhood?

“Honey, maybe when he gets older he’d appreciate the look of a torpedo,” I tried to convince my husband. My comment was only met with a glare. Plus, I was only half serious … (I think.)

Apparently less parents are circumcising their boys these days. The gig is up on the hygiene debate with some experts saying that it makes no difference whether or not you’re circumcised. Others still report that uncircumcised men have a greater chance of carrying viruses and infections. In fact one book I read went as far as saying that if you didn’t choose to circumcise your son for his own benefit, you should do it for the wellbeing of your future daughter-in-law because of rampant cases of HPV and cervical cancer. Whatever. I figure I probably won’t like my daughter-in-law too much for stealing away my son, so I decline to consider her best interests.

Some opponents of circumcision argue that uncircumcised men have greater sensation, therefore greater sexual pleasure. Are these people kidding me?  Why are they thinking about the destiny of their child’s sexual gratification? I personally would not like to think about it and refused to base my decision on any part of this argument. Furthermore, I’d like to believe that my son is never having sex. He’s going to only ever love one woman (me) and live a life of celibacy. (Please allow me to revel in my naivety.)

I thought for a moment about what my gut was telling me.  In all honesty, I think it was telling me not to do it.  (Or maybe I was just starving after that post c-section liquid diet …)  Regardless, my husband knew where he stood and I stood there once myself.

And so it was … they wheeled my son away and brought him back with a little less skin than he’d had before. I just hope the circumcision trend doesn’t change too drastically. He’ll never forgive me if he’s the only chopped member in a locker room full of foreskin.

What’s the beef with pacifiers?  I never realized there was such an anti-pacifier movement until I had my son.  Perhaps there’s some “League of Mothers Whose Babies Were Perfect Enough to Not Need Pacifiers” that I wasn’t aware of.    The fact that people would scoff at an infant with a pacifier astounds me.  He’s 6 months old, not 16. 

After anti-pacifier comment #582 and a Google search that revealed that there really are paci-haters, I called my mother.  “Someone said that pacifiers are terrible.  And I shouldn’t be a pacifier user because I’m a breast feeder.  And the internet says the baby will probably have funky, Billy Bob teeth.” 

Seriously, who aids in the malformation of their child’s teeth!?  Apparently I am … Crap.   I hope the anti-pacifier people spend a lifetime trying to pry a thumb out of their children’s mouths. 

The fact (according to my all-knowing, ever-fabulous mother) is that it’s ok if your baby sucks on a pacifier.  Infants have a natural urge to suck and it is soothing.  If you choose to use a pacifier, rock on.  Please ignore all haters.  And consequently, if you choose not to use a pacifier, that’s absolutely fabulous too.  

No mom should be made to feel bad because they choose (or choose not) to use a pacifier.  Though, if you’re sending your kid off to college with one, feel bad.  Feel very bad.  You will most certainly spend a fortune on therapy sessions.  Invest now. 



I know it’s still August, but I am so excited for Brody’s first Halloween.

This weekend my husband went to a flea market.  He has a freak affinity with flea markets, a fondness that I don’t share or understand.  I appreciate the notion of “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure,” but I like to find my treasure in the mall.  Pretentious?  Perhaps.

After returning from the ‘mercado le flea’ (it sounds so much more appealing that way), Chris came in the door with a bright orange pumpkin costume.  He was so proud of it.  He bargained and got it for only $2.  Bless his heart, but does he not know of the super cute Halloween costumes available for babies?  Monkeys, penguins, hot dogs, bananas, peas in a pod?!

At any rate, I think I will put B in the $2 pumpkin his father so lovingly purchased (and only because he so lovingly purchased it), but there will most definitely be a wardrobe change at some point in the evening …

What should Brody be for (part deux of) his first Halloween?

My husband thinks I should buy a minivan.  I think he’s smoking dope. 

At 24 years old, I’m already a bit peeved about driving my SUV.  I think my SUV is mom enough – a mini van is out of the question.  

While motherhood has countless blessings, it has also bestowed stretch marks, saggy breasts, and (dare I say it?) weathered nethers.  I need a minivan like I need another tear in my … nevermind.